By registering for the Inland Seas Feis, you are agreeing to the following rules & regulations.

Hosted by the Emerald Dance Academy school of Irish Dance, and sanctioned by the World Irish Dance Association (WIDA), this is an Open Platform Feis, which means that dancers from any or no organization are welcome to participate. Since the Inland Seas Feis is sanctioned by the WIDA, it is subject to their rules. All rules regarding costumes, steps, and competitions can be found on the WIDA website at by clicking here. Please familiarize yourself with them.

Clarification of some WIDA rules:

  • "All competitors & members of the public who attend any WIDA event are hereby agreeing that their image may be used for printing, internet & public broadcasting...." - By public broadcasting, in the USA they mean all broadcasting, not just PBS.

Please also note:

Feis organizers reserve the right to merge, split, or cancel competitions where necessary on the day.

NO photography or videography is allowed during the competitions on Feis day. Please feel free to take advantage of photo opportunities when they are announced.

No may approach the judge besides official Feis Staff.